? SNK Petroleum Wholesalers

Our History

SNK Petroleum Wholesalers was founded in July of 2011. The owner Syed, a.k.a. Ali, Kirmani first started working in a gas station when he was 16. Through hard work and dedication, he purchased that same gas station within a few years. Since then, Ali has continued to grow his business by purchasing more service stations and branching out with new business ventures. Ali’s goal is to become number one in the petroleum industry.

Wholesale Fuel Distribution

SNK Petroleum Wholesalers, Inc. provides wholesale gasoline and diesel fuel to independent station owners throughout the Northeast including NY, NJ, and CT. Featuring Gulf and unbranded products, we supply quality fuel at a price reflecting its true value in our market while maintaining the highest levels of reliability and integrity has always been our goal. From risk management to daily market trends, we are here to help you fuel your growth.

Advantage of Gulf

For over 100 years, Gulf has been fueling the dreams of American motorists. A growing American company, Gulf Oil is reinventing itself with the American public with a renewed commitment to increasing brand equity and building its reputation as a premium brand. Gulf is one of the Northeast's largest wholesalers of refined petroleum products and is well on its way up the rankings in the rest of the U.S. as well. Partnering with Gulf means having access to an established brand and a strong team of people committed to providing you with unparalleled service. Today's state-of-the-art gasoline retail centers reinforce this brand allegiance by offering the amenities and conveniences consumers demand. Displaying the art of convenience in every detail, Gulf stations deliver exceptional speed of service, ensuring an easy-in, easy-out experience for today's time-pressed consumer.

Resources for Wholesale Fuel Clients

If your station is interested in buying fuel from SNK Petroleum Wholesalers, you can complete our Application for Credit.

Employment Opportunities

Interested in joining SNK Petroleum Wholesalers? Since 2011, SNK has been growing to provide a diversity of services to businesses and consumers throughout New York and beyond. Feel free to contact us to submit your resume at any time. You can download and complete our general employment application or download and complete our Petroleum Delivery Driver application AF Transport Employment Application.PDF
and fax it to (845) 632-6268 or email it to info@snkpetro.com.